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The Team

Who We Are


Armando Coranado

Housing and Residential Life Coordinator 


Second Year Masters student for Higher Education, Advisor, and a fun fact is that I know how to play 5 songs on the piano despite not knowing how to read piano sheet music.

Josh Villanueva

Executive Director


Hey I'm the current NRHH Executive Director. Sophomore Comp Sci major from Oahu, Hawaii. Mili is the best indie band. 


Shayla Brooks

Director of Membership 


Hey! I'm a sophomore from St Paul, Minnesota, and a Neuroscience/Cognitive Science major. My pronouns are she/her. My job is to grow NRHH's presence on campus and keep track of active membership, among other things. I love to relax by reading! Some of my favorite books/series' include The Arc of the Scythe, The Carl's duology, and On Writing Well.

Kristina Krishna

Director of Recognition 


Hi! My name is Kristina and I am a freshman majoring in Physiology & Medical Sciences. I am the Director of Recognition for NRHH, so I am in charge of planning events that recognize the students, staff, and current events on campus. Fun fact: I can say the alphabet backwards in under five seconds!


Blayne Strickland 

Director of Service


Hey! My name is Blayne Strickland and I am from Mesa, Arizona! I am a freshman looking to major in Architectural Engineering. Hiking, sports, and admiring photography of landscapes are just a few of my favorite things. Fun fact: I am a HUGE Disneyland fan!

Tanya Agarwal

Director of Leadership Development


Hi, my name is Tanya! I am a freshman majoring in Physiology and Medical Sciences and minoring in Spanish. I hope to become a doctor and serve in a culturally diverse community. In my free time, I love to do Bollywood dance, go to the gym, draw, and watch TV..

Arry hs_edited_edited.jpg

Arryanna Jackson 

Director of Marketing 


Hi, My name is Arryanna and I am the Director of Marketing.  I am currently a junior studying Veterinary science and will soon be applying for vet school. My job entails making flyers for events and running our social media and website! I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia but have lived in Arizona for a while. Fun fact: I can sing and act. 

Karelly Gallegos   

Director of Finance 


I’m a freshman from Vail, CO majoring in Sustainable Built Environments. I love to spend my time playing outside and my favorite plant is a Saguaro cactus.

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